DUB 1ONE Wheels

The new high end luxury 3 piece forged line by DUB Wheels, designed by renowned automotive wheel design firm, DUB Wheels. The styles are clean, minimal at tehsame time detailed and fresh. DUB.1 Wheels are not designed to folloow the trend of the bling bling wheel genreation, instead the goal was to create a new definition of what the trend is. The design & image portaryed by other wheel brands have been nothing morethat copies & variations of themselves for year, all trying to emulate what they see as "hot" tather than create something new. DUB.1 Wheels are intended t change what's hot @finally redefine the trend after years of the same repeated styles after styles diluting the industry. It's time to throw away the chrome, hot pink & zebra print 24's, new direction in luxury wheel design
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