Axis Wheels

axis wheels are the result of a passion for automotive excellence. Axis Wheels has been a pioneer of wheel design for over 10 years, and the 2009 line of wheels brings several examples to light. The Angle and Zero both come with zero lip, yet maintain the staggered look with a concave center. Also the all new Penta for Porsche is our newest additional marque. The Axis Super Hiro and Axis Halo are still revolutionizing the pinstriped wheel. More styles are available this year than ever before! Known for unique designs and innovative styling with attention to detail, Axis Wheels is always pushing the envelope of style and function. From the race proven hollow-spoke Reverb, to the street legal bead-lock-look of the Axis Regulator, or the Maxis Lip system on the MOD and Decade, Axis Wheels
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