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Bazo B503 Chrome
Bazo - B503
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Bazo Wheels are built with quality, style, strength, and visual appeal in mind. Each Bazo Wheel is engineered to accentuate the vehicles that will wear them. The Bazo B503 rims / Wheels packages is also available in the following colors : Full Chrome, Black and Machine Face with Stainless Chrome Lip, and Black and Machine Face and Groove. Size Available : 22x9.5 and 22x10.5 Please Choose Bazo B503 Rims / Wheels Package here.
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Bazo B503 Chrome
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2 Crave Features

2 Crave Alloy Wheels / Tires Package at Wholesale Price with Free Shipping. 2 Crave Wheels and 2 Crave Rims, Wheel Plus Top Pick for Quality and Design. Triple Chrome Plated High Gloss Chrome. Free shipping on all 2 Crave Wheels and 2 Crave Rims. Unique styling all their own 2 Crave Wheels and 2 Crave Rims speak for them selves. Put a Spinning Rim on 2 Crave Wheels and 2 Crave Rims and have the Ultimate Chrome Package! Excellent prices and Superb quality chrome make 2 Crave Wheels a perfect choice for an Car, Truck or SUV!

2 Crave Note

  • 2 Crave wheels are cast wheels and 1 piece alloys contracture.
  • 2 Crave Wheels are various finishes, Full Chrome, Black Diamond, Fiero, Red...
  • Lip size and spoke concave may vary depending on the size and width of the wheel.
  • Neither cancellation, nor request for refund will be accepted under any circumstances, after the manufacturing process has begun.

2 Crave Brands

  • SF-1 : Designed and engineered to perform for finest, SF-1 delivers luxurious yet timeless styling along with its competition driven DNA embedded in its structural core.
  • Black Diamond : The halo blends in without overpowering, and accentuates its master and its delight while in motion or in standstill.
  • Fiero : Fast, Fierce, and Ferocious. Almost..... Frightening. Only the bold and the proud who can flirt with such purity of power and seeks infinite attention.
  • Heavy Hitters : Lord of the boulevards. Streets are forever watching. For those who strive to be the best of the show, automotive is a way of life and Heavy Hitters delivers.
  • Extreme : Dirt, Rock, or Beachheads to the Diamond Life, 2Crave Xtreme is designed and engineered to deliver the styles and performance to pace with few who live to feel life through their flesh and bones.
  • March : 2013 New Line.....